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25 March 1978
My name is Karen, recently divorced from my twenties and have been with the same man for almost ten years. I treat my cats like children, love to cook, and hate to clean. I enjoy exploring my creativity through any means possible including art and writing. Secretly extroverted hidden under an introverted shell, I am still learning who I am and what makes me tick. And, always searching for laughter.

I have a penchant for TV, especially unscripted series including the "reality" tv shows. Some shows I follow: America's Next Top Model, Big Brother, Cashmere Mafia, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Celebrity Fit Club, Desperate Housewives, Dirt, Hell's Kitchen, LA Ink, Lipstick Jungle, Top Chef, Project Runway, Survivor, Trading Spaces.

Friending Policy
If you do choose to friend me, drop me a comment or something to let me know. All my entries are friends filtered for certain interests including life and TV.

De-Friending Policy
I try to say Hello to NooBs and I'll say goodbye. If you friend and un-friend more than twice - you are banned.

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